Wildsound Studios, formerly known as AMI Wildsound, was established by Mike Idioma, one of the most renowned Sound Engineers in the Philippines. With the help of his wife Teresa, his brother Manny, and close – knit friends named Karen Tiangco and Alex Tomboc, the company started in 2003 as a live sound production and rentals group, providing materials and services for shoot recording needs. The 3 – floor apartment of the Idiomas at P. Lopez, Mandaluyong served as the first company office with the equipments in one floor and another as the location for commercial shoot.

In 2007, the company’s clients grew in number and the demand for a mixing studio arose. The group decided to submit to the request of the clients, thus, the Makati office was established. Since then, the company continued to offer its clients two major services: the live and post production.

While the company enjoyed its success, there were also challenges that came along the way, as it is true with every business. Some key players left for another country or career change, additional business laws and policies were required by the government, and applicants came almost from everywhere. Through the successes and lapses, certain changes were made and improvements on the side of management and administration, operations and procedures were carefully planned and realised.

Finally in 2012, the company evolved into two units: one for live (Live Sound Corporation) and another for post ( Wildsound Inc.), catering to broadcast and cinema productions the way the company was envisioned, but now in two clean, though separate companies.

Wildsound is the trailblazer in Audio – Post Production for Film and broadcasting in the Philippines. Since its foundation, Wildsound Studios has been tagged as the most reliable service provider to a large and popular spectrum of clients in film and television industry, and other related fields. From simple recording of voice overs and dialogues, songs, to localisation projects, moving on to the complexity of creating and designing sound effects and foley, synching and mixing, clients can freely discuss and eventually achieve what they want, beyond what they have imagined with a specialized team and carefully chosen and structured facilities.

Wildsound Studios has been the home to the first Filipino film to premiere and win the Best Director Award in the prestigious Cannes Festival in its 62nd season, also to Asiong Salonga: Manila Kingpin (2011), The Healing (2012), Alamat ni China Doll (2013), Emir (2010) the first Filipino drama – musical film. There are 69 other credits excluding the individual credits of the different members of the sound engineers of Wildsound Studios withstanding multiple recognitions from different award giving bodies in and out of the country, deeply etched the name of this company as first in the rank of audio – post production in the Philippines.


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